It’s Race Day for Our Acuity AWS DeepRacers!

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Today is the big day! Our DeepRacer event starts at 1 PM and will last until 5 PM. We’ll have five race groups and will announce our winners at the end of today. Follow us on Twitter for live updates of the event!

We wish all our upcoming racers the best of luck! We have been training tirelessly these past few weeks, focusing on reinforcement learning and optimizing their training models.

With all of this discussion on reinforcement learning, what exactly is it?

Reinforcement learning is an area of machine learning that concentrates on how intelligent agents utilize environmental feedback to adjust their own actions and experience. Think of the newest Roomba vacuum that learns your floorplan to vacuum your house and avoids walls and stairs. The artificial intelligence model in these race cars uses trial and error in order to maximize the notion of cumulative reward to achieve the fastest speed and stay on the racecourse.

And now, Jessica Alfaro shows us reinforcement learning in action, as she takes you through another in-depth look at her DeepRacer progress!