Decrease your maintenance costs, while increasing your uptime.

Many agencies are investing in new technologies, platforms and applications to keep pace with the ever-changing technology landscape. The value of these investments is not realized immediately on implementation and oftentimes, never realized. Acuity will show you how to truly understand interdependencies between systems in order to optimize them to offer service excellence, while increasing reliability without losing uptime. Moreover, our strategic planning helps agencies leverage self-improving models, which allows for less reliance on people for sustainable long-term maintenance and improvement.

We work hand-in-hand with you and your stakeholders to eliminate redundancies, optimize new investments and lower your Total Cost of Ownership. Acuity will help you make the most of your technology landscape to realize its combined intended value, continuously maintain compliance with federal IT mandates, and boost your organizational agility to support new requirements, ultimately increasing your mission impact.

DevSecOps Mission Impact

What We Offer

Operations and Maintenance

Operations 101

Realize operational excellence through maintaining the availability, capacity, security, and performance of existing systems and services.

Service Optimization

Service Optimization

Increase visibility, streamline processes, measure system performance, and improve customer experience.

AI Ops


Utilizing AI to combine data at scale and perform predictive and preventive actions such as monitoring and infrastructure automation.

Mission Impact Highlights

O&M Mission Impact


revived ITSM deployments, expanding usage by 50%


per month saved in maintenance costs


reduction in email backlog


reduction in disaster recovery time for production databases

Acuity’s IT Operations Support Story


Agile Operations Support

Acuity implemented a Data Governance Framework to provide data readiness and preparation services to our client. We implemented policies and standards around the enterprise-level metadata and business rules, processes, and practices to build consistencies, and technology (tools) to build upon the current enterprise data model. We bring expertise in maintaining Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) activities using current tools to maintain ongoing Data management investments, specifically personnel who are skilled and experienced performing data modeling using erwin Data Modeler and maintaining the Enterprise Metadata Repository (EMR) using Informatica Metadata Manager.  

Data Transformation

Enhancing and Customizing

Acuity initiated a Connect Enhancement Project to gather updated stakeholder requirements, renew web design best practices, and evaluate current information structures for Connect interface and organization improvements. We improved the information layout and organization and added new functionality to enhance support services, increase utility to employees, and reduce burden on Chief of Staff Branches. Acuity also improved information discovery, reduced “clicks,” and integrated project management and records management tools, eventually integrating external and internal KM capabilities and RM functionality. 

Process Improvement