DevOps + Security.

Using DevSecOps enables Federal agencies to integrate security planning, testing, and monitoring requirements into new and modernized legacy applications, systems, and solutions. 79% of companies that have experienced a security breach indicated that it could have been avoided with a patch or configuration change. Acuity partners with Federal agencies to implement a holistic DevSecOps framework based on stakeholder engagement that results in better secured applications and improved mission performance.

Driving 90% test coverage and 99% SLA reduces defects and creates faster. more reliable operations. For government agencies struggling with adoption, our Agile DevSecOps practice fosters an environment that is founded on transparency, collaboration, and continuous learning. We implement 10 core DevSecOps practices: configuration management, continuous delivery, continuous integration, automated validation, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), continuous deployment, continuous monitoring, ongoing infrastructure management, compliance and vulnerability management, and security incident detection and response.


What We Offer

Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code and Automation

Reducing errors and creating faster, more reliable operations by automating CI/CD pipelines, configuration files, testing procedures, and security protocols.

Methodology and Governance

Methodology and Governance

Combining Agile standards and DevSecOps practices to create holistic enterprise policies that mitigate risk and speed app development.

Culture and Change Management

Culture and Change Management

Facilitating collaboration on IT roadmaps to cultivate a shift left mentality, increase DevSecOps adoption for the long-term, and ensure sustainable success.

Mission Impact Highlights*

DevSecOps Mission Impact

*Source: Accelerate "State of DevOps" 2021 report


more frequent code deployments


faster lead time from commit to deploy


faster time to recovery


lower change failure rate

Acuity’s DevSecOps Story


High-Velocity Teams Build Mission-Critical Apps

Acuity supports DHS through the multi-tier development of a cloud-based big data analytics platform. The platform is comprised of over twenty React-based web and mobile applications and built as an aggregation of microservices, REST APIs, and databases with GraphQL used as a single-entry point for navigating the data enterprise. Acuity uses vulnerability scans and risk analyses to establish repeatable and automated processes to analyze, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities as well as anticipate threats.

High Velocity DevSecOps Teams

100% Automated IaC Integrated Into CI/CD

Acuity supports the Department of State’s (DOS) first enterprise-class Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud offering. Of note, we automated the baseline account creation for customers and deployed a fully ATO-approved AWS infrastructure environment. We also modernized a suite of web applications to the Azure Government cloud and designed and implemented a platform architecture to support a multi-tenant environment while providing overarching governance for both internal and external product development teams. Concurrent with development, Acuity provides legacy O&M support across a portfolio of enterprise applications, achieving over 99% uptime through proactive, automated monitoring of deployed services and infrastructure.

Automated IaC