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Cyberattacks happen every few seconds in the US, and insider threats are the primary cause for data breaches. When an attack is orchestrated organizations can be shut down, civilian services can be suspended, and identities can be compromised. Our unique understanding of government-wide policy, industry best-practice, and the approaches and methods of sophisticated threat actors helps us offer workable, affordable, and effective cyber solutions.

Acuity cuts through the noise, partnering in practical solutions that improve mission operations while maintaining an appropriate risk posture for on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments.

Secure Government Operations

What We Offer

Cyber Risk and Strategy

Risk and Strategy

Manage information-related risk, respond to legislative drivers, and establish zero-trust roadmaps and architectures.

Cyber Governance


Achieve Authority to Operate (ATO) faster with appropriate security protocols, policies, stakeholders and concepts in place.

Cyber Security Operations

Security Operations

Manage authentications, pipelines, and cyber 3.0 solutions to prevent threats and support incident response.

Security+, CISA, CISM, and CISSP-certified Staff



years of experience with predictive analytics for active and dormant threats


decrease in cycle times for approved ATO


integration with DevSecOps at all Federal agencies


Federal agencies use cyber policy developed by Acuity consultants

Acuity's Cyber Story


A Security First Mindset in Cloud Modernization

Today, Acuity is responding to the challenge of modernizing a legacy on-prem system and migrating all data over to a scalable AWS cloud platform. The system supports over 100,000 users nationwide and allows law enforcement to track and consolidate trends quickly. By moving to the AWS cloud, this Department will increase workflow efficiency and improve security. To secure the system, Acuity is building custom API integrations without relying on PII information and expanding the use of the client’s current, multifactor authentication platform. Moreover, to increase compliance and proactively mitigate risk, Acuity’s team is designing and customizing secure workflows to automate tasks and enable increased efficiencies, while applying governance protocols to track deviations in the case of bad actors.

Security First Mindset

Security Strategy Drives Cyber Resilience

In conjunction with utilizing industry best-practices, we use FedRAMP documentation and assessment of inherited controls, along with our proprietary cyber hygiene process to build an enterprise-wide comprehensive security strategy and policy. This process helped a Department transform their networks and automate a secure deployment of cloud infrastructure. Our teams design and provide a robust governance framework and assist application development teams meet their security requirements. This means that every member of every team fully understands and complies with their security responsibilities. In this case, we developed mechanisms for continuous evaluation of new functionality and capabilities, ensuring security is fully incorporated into the process without slowing  development.

Cyber Resilience

CDM in Action - Security Operations Services

For this Department, Acuity develops streamlined System Security Plans to meet FISMA compliance objectives and leverage our proven Security Assessment and Authorization (SA&A) procedures to close material weaknesses related to agency processes. We developed our SA&A methodology in accordance with NIST SP 800-37 standards and we integrate both disaster recovery and contingency planning activities. We leverage standardized security templates and Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) procedures to support each Assessment and Authorization (A&A) process, validating that systems meet security configuration standards throughout the lifecycle. We employ a multi-phased approach to cyber operations focused on conducting risk analyses to anticipate threats; preventing system compromise through preemptive actions that continuously diagnose and mitigate activities occurring on a network; and rapidly responding with countermeasures to control and stabilize incidents occurring within the enterprise.

CDM in Action