Democratize Your Data

Each Agency is on a unique data journey and at a different level of data maturity. Acuity’s Data Team offers Federal agencies tools, processes, and techniques to gather actionable information, inform your mission-focused decisions and achieve the data driven ambitions of your enterprise. Our holistic approach begins with a shared understanding of the mission and the data that supports it coupled with desired outcomes. Our approach ends with visible results via faster access to accurate, relevant data.

By converting both structured and unstructured data sources into transparent, meaningful intelligence that can be acted upon by users at every level in your ecosystem, we help federal clients increase efficiency and advance their speed to mission. With Acuity’s support, our clients have found that they are spending more time focused on analyzing relevant connections, addressing more worthwhile anomalies, and improving organizational performance.

Democratize Your Data

What We Offer

Government Data Strategy

Data Strategy and Architecture

Develop a targeted strategy, while constructing data so that it can be warehoused, validated, and delivered quickly.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics and Visualization

Gather, inspect, transform, and visualize data from multiple sources and formats to help inform mission decisions.

AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Reduce costs and increase efficiency by creating automated processes/models from learned behavior.

Mission Impact Highlights

Data Mission Impact


saved by establishing a new system model with increased data integrity


records culled for Cabinet-level dashboards


in global Federal assets tracked, maintained and reported


of data engineered for AI/ML use cases

Acuity's Data Story


Transforming Petabytes of Data into Mission-Focused Analytics

For this federal enterprise, Acuity performs ETL processing for nearly 5 petabytes of data in the first Big Data Analytics Platform enabling high speed analytics processing, unstructured text analytics and predictive modeling and visualization. From this data, Acuity employs AI/ML tools to build and sustain agile, innovative analytic modules across platforms and uses this data to develop automated algorithms and applications. These tools better enable the Agency to predict risk, prioritize investigations and make better decisions that protect the public/investor community from obtaining fraudulent information that could impact financial security.

Data Transformation

Streamlining Data to Accelerate Mission Decisions

For this Federal component, Acuity modernized a legacy enterprise data warehouse that ingests complex data sets and models to provide Federal leadership with advanced statistical capabilities. As part of our efforts, Acuity streamlined the ETL and reporting process from 24 hours down to 3.5 hours, increased the frequency of reporting from monthly to daily providing near real-time data, and expanded user access and self-service reporting capabilities. Today, we continue to modernize the component’s data capabilities with the introduction of Databricks to further reduce run-time, provide advanced business intelligence, exploratory and operational analytics, and optimized data engineering capabilities.

Data Streamlining

On the Forefront - Migrating FISMA Moderate-Level Data to the Cloud

Acuity designed and migrated an on-prem data center to a secure microservices architecture in a new cloud-based platform. This system is used by thousands of internal and external users and contains millions of records. In just 18 months, Acuity successfully automated the system and the data extraction process. The new system uses a FedRAMP-certified cloud platform, making this organization among the first federal entities to successfully migrate FISMA moderate-level data to the cloud. Acuity points to two critical success factors for this effort – robust data governance and the advanced data analytics capability, enabling users to predictively identify security anomalies and patterns and make informed decisions in a secure environment.

Data Migration