Re-Imagine Your Digital Landscape to Transform Your Operations.

Government modernization is not a mere re-platforming or a cloud migration – it is an act of re-imagining Federal IT service delivery. How much do under-deployed platforms really cost? Agencies typically invest in platforms because they believe in the value of a comprehensive solution; but ironically, most IT organizations are only leveraging 10% of the investment to which they have committed, wasting time, effort and overhead.

While IT modernization will bring organizations up to speed on their technology platform capabilities, a full digital transformation helps agencies assess and optimize not only their technology,  but processes and people too. For each project, Acuity infuses holistic, best practices and lessons learned from nearly two decades of results supporting highly visible, secure, mission-critical projects across the Federal environment.

Digital Transformation

What We Offer

Cloud and Hybrid Environments

Cloud and Hybrid Platform Solutions

Strategize, standardize, and secure modern deployments to reduce platform sprawl, optimize processes, and maximize cloud computing, while empowering a dispersed workforce.

Digital Transformation

Federal Digital Transformation

Eliminate duplicate functionalities, increase cost efficiency, and build roadmaps that transform system and cultural readiness increasing process adoption.

Enterprise Portfolio Management

Enterprise Portfolio Management

Take a holistic enterprise view of your projects and initiatives to implement modern, agile, IT frameworks based on industry best practices.

Mission Impact Highlights

IT Modernization Mission Impact


remote staff contractors securely connected during Covid-19


saved by centralizing common support functions


overseas locations and 8 servers consolidated into 1 hub


hours saved in running custom visa queries

Acuity’s IT Modernization Story


Modernizing a Legacy On-Prem System

To modernize a legacy on-prem system, Acuity is migrating all data to a scalable AWS cloud platform. By moving to the cloud, the Department will remove the requirement to support paper form submissions and eliminate hours of manual data entry. The system will support over 120,000 users nationwide of which 35% are active in any given year and allows law enforcement to track, consolidate and respond to emerging trends. To secure the system, we are creating custom API integrations without relying on PII information, while expanding the use of the client’s current multi-factor authentication platform. Moreover, to increase compliance and mitigate risk, we are designing custom workflows to automate tasks and enable increased efficiencies and reduced errors, while applying governance protocols to track deviations of bad actors.

Modernizing Legacy Systems

One of the Largest Federal Platform Implementations

Acuity modernized systems ranging from MS Access to ColdFusion applications to multi-tiered web apps. We redesigned database layers using modern data modeling techniques and a domain-driven design with multiple schemas and migrated data from on-prem legacy databases to the cloud. We also led one of the largest federal, enterprise platform implementations, supporting both business and ITSM solutions. Acuity designed, implemented, and now maintains a robust architecture to consolidate management and oversight of the platform. By consolidating, the Department was able to reduce costs, centralize governance, and gain efficiencies. Acuity even worked with the platform vendor to create this environment, as this model was not previously supported by their Government Community Cloud. Our effort resulted in a low-code enterprise modernization with a dramatic UI difference.

Largest Federal Platform Deployment

Implementing Agile at Scale and Modernizing Apps

Acuity has partnered with DHS, implementing Agile practices, modernizing applications, and shaping the technology landscape to implement modern architecture standards and delivery. We have also partnered built a cadre of agile professionals and a practice area with specialized expertise in human centered design, cloud platforms, and Agile development. Today, we are on the leading edge of the Government’s push to the cloud and SaaS/PaaS solutions.

Agile at Scale