Acuity AWS DeepRacers, Rev Your Engines!

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Acuity’s 2021 AWS DeepRacer is underway! There are over 70 registered participants, and everyone is raring to go.

It’s already been a busy week. On Tuesday, since not all our racers have a background in ML or Python, AWS came in for the afternoon to educate our team. Thanks, AWS!

And now that participants have been formally introduced to the program, our racers will have 20 hours of online training each during the upcoming week. They will log into the AWS portal to configure their models and tweak their code for faster run times. The more each racer runs their simulation, the more the machine learning program adapts. This helps teach the digital racecar to optimize its journey, whether it means learning to make turns narrower or to go faster on the straightaway. From here on, everyone is trying to boost their time to win on race day next week, Aug 26. You can stay tuned to live updates during the race by following our Twitter feed.

One brave soul has agreed to share her experience with us. Jessica Alfaro is a managing director here at Acuity. And although Jessica’s background is in IT management consulting, she does not have any hands-on experience with artificial intelligence or machine learning. So, she decided to participate because she wanted to expand her knowledge base, go out of her comfort zone, and see how these applications work in real life. Good luck, Jessica!!

Below watch how she handles the first week of Acuity DeepRacer!