Acuity joins the AWS 2021 DeepRacer Community!

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What is DeepRacer? It’s a fun and interesting way to get developers of all skill levels hands-on experience with reinforcement learning (RL) and machine learning (ML). AWS DeepRacer uses a cloud-based 3D racing simulator to train algorithms and direct an autonomous race car to complete laps around an online and/or physical racetrack.

The individual who programs the car with the fastest time will win an all-inclusive trip to Re:Invent this year. Prizes will also be given out to our second and third place winners. All participants will have the opportunity to race at the upcoming AWS DC Summit in September. At the Summit, participants may qualify to compete in the AWS global championship at Re:Invent.

At Acuity, we are more than excited about our first annual DeepRacer. The idea to join the AWS DeepRacer community sprung from our desire to promote the Acuity Cloud Community of Interest (COI) and exploded into a company-wide event with 71 registered participants.

While this is our first Acuity DeepRacer event, many of our talented staff have experience with AI/ML supporting our clients in the national security and public safety mission space. We can’t wait to see how this experience translates into innovative solutions to drive mission success.

Follow us as we chart our AWS DeepRacer journey, share tips and tricks and highlights of the event! Learn more about DeepRacer on AWS’s website: