The Following Principles Set the Guidelines
of Behavior that We Must Follow

  1. Integrity in dealing with federal employees, partners, and colleagues.
  2. Commitment to treating Acuity employees fairly.
  3. Providing employees with opportunities for advancement and growth.
  4. Honesty and sincerity in exchanges of information.
  5. Respectful and principled relationships.
  6. Compliant and ethical relationships with third parties.
  7. Fairness in competition.
  8. Commitment to compliance with the laws, rules, and regulations applicable everywhere we conduct business.
“Acuity has created a road map of professional conduct expectations that helps our employees drive our client’s mission with honesty and integrity.”

Our Compliance Team

Rui Garcia
Rui Garcia
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
jannie gardner
Jannie Gardner
Ethics Officer and Vice President, Human Resources
dean brunk
Dean Brunk
Vice President, Contracts

Contact Us or by phone via the Ethics Hotline at (571) 570-4107

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